Medical Recruitment Analysis

With constant pressure on supply and margins, keeping track of exactly what is going on is key to staying in profit.

Here are a set of Medical Recruitment dashboards to monitor your business.

  • Consultant performance
  • Client Tracking
  • Candidate Placement

We can recreate these with your data, to meet your specific needs.

Free up whoever is currently spending days every month in Excel trying to build a picture of how your business is doing.

Stop wasting time. Get in touch today and start to really see where your business is now, and where it is heading.

We currently supply similar analytics capabilities into the medical recruitment space. Tracking hospital needs, candidate availability and of course margin.

Take a good look at the visualisation below. Note the tabs across the top giving you access to data about different areas of the business. Play with the candidate finder, would that be useful to your consultants?

We also provide a fixed price monthly service for providing you with weekly or monthly dashboards to meet your executive needs.