KPI Dashboards

Creating this kind of dashboard can be endless. Time consuming and repetitive.

We can help.

We can do it for you or teach you how to do it quickly and with a link to the data that keeps it update automatically.

Roll your mouse over the dashboard below. Try the filter, click on other areas to see the interactivity at work.

This version is created in Tableau Desktop. The software costs $999 for the basic version. Sharing can be done through Tableau Online or Tableau Server at a price of 10s of thousands to 100s of thousands of dollars.

The version below is created in Micosoft PowerBI. The free version was used. To share it is also possible to use the free version for most purposes. For additional security you might go for the paid version at $10 per user or sharer.

And a Cafe chain KPI dashboard – try it in full screen mode to see it in all its glory