Forces Resettlement Course in Data Analytics

Don’t be scared away by the thought that data analytics is too complicated to learn. You can become proficient in just a couple of days to a level far above the vast majority of the UK workforce.

You will discover on this resettlement course that most data analytics is done in Microsoft Excel by people with only a rudimentary knowledge of the product. For most companies, data analytics skills are used to create simple dashboards for use by executives at monthly review meetings.
People who know a little more about analytics, as much as you will learn on this resettlement course, produce dashboards that management can interact with to answer more questions and decide on actions during the meeting.

The more basic analytics leave questions unanswered and decisions postponed until the next meeting. Depending on the area of the armed forces you have served with you might be shocked at how often business leaders defer decisions through lack of data. It is often used as an excuse to defer difficult decisions.

Taking a resettlement course in data analytics will provide you with the skills to be a rock star in your new occupation. The dashboards you will be able to create will put you in the spotlight as the go to person in your company for data analysis.

Business Wire Survey

According to this survey published by Business Wire in September 2016, Data proficiency is now more important to prospective employers than a second language.

You can read the full article via the link here -


The survey makes it clear that the demand for people with data analysis skills huge it is a top 2 priority for 60% of businesses. You might think this demand would be restricted to white-collar, high profile companies; but the truth is that hospitals, local government, police and charities are all seeking answers in the data they have been gathering for years. The world had been talking about big data for some years now but when you scratch the surface you find that they make their 'data driven decisions' on 1% or less of their accumulated data.

KPI Dashboards

KPIs are Key Performance Indicators. They are also one of the main reasons companies are not looking more closely at their data. Their KPI dashboard tells them how much they sold, how that compares to the targets they had set, what margin they are making and so on. These dashboards give them the warm, fussy delusion that they are using their data. Below that very shallow surface there is a vast wealth of knowledge. They know it is there but most have no idea how to get to it. Our 2-day course will give you the ability to define data needs, connect to that data and produce real, interactive dashboards that tell a much deeper story than the KPI dashboards you are replacing. Can you learn everything in two days? No. But you can learn enough to be so far ahead of the people you will be working with that you will soon be THE go-to person for data analysis.

£50 per friend

Bring a friend. We pay £50 referral fee for each and every person you get to sign up for this course. Just have them put your details into the comments box on the registration form and the cash is yours.

On-site courses

Education officers If you have six or more people in the UK who want to take this course - we will come to you. We will need: A room large enough for the delegates to have a desk each, power to each desk as they will be using laptops throughout the course, Projector and screen for the presenter. WiFi access is also required as some of the course modules need internet access,


Why is this resettlement course so important?

A survey published in September 2016 found that a knowledge of data analytics is more sought after by recruiting managers than a second language, job experience or management experience.

“Our research found that UK business leaders would be willing to offer a 30% higher salary to someone who is data proficient over one who isn’t,” commented Stuart Wilson, VP EMEA, Alteryx, Inc. Alteryx is a leading enabler of data analytics.

The main driver behind this huge demand for analytics skills is the push for self-service analytics. This takes the onus for analysis away from the IT department and has a person in each department who can analyse that department data. As mentioned earlier, most of this involves Microsoft Excel, much cursing and the loss of several days productivity every month.

There is a better way. There is data visualisation. There are very few people with this skill and two days of resettlement training will put you well ahead of the majority.

This resettlement course covers:

  • What is data analytics and why should I care
  • Data visualisation best practices
  • Building analytics with the user in mind
  • Working with Microsoft Excel – sometimes it’s all you have
  • The basics of Mocrosoft PowerBI – often free as part of your companies Microsoft licence
  • Using Tableau Desktop to create dashboard that are interactive, easy to understand and make you look like a rock star

During the resettlement course you will work through a variety of scenarios to solve real business problems with data analysis. You will discover that ‘it ain’t rocket science.’ And by the end of the course you will be confident in creating charts in Microsoft Excel, and dashboards in PowerBI and Tableau Desktop.

We will also show you how to distribute your dashboards using Tableau Reader, including tricks on how to do this with a good level of data security. This alone could help you save your new employer the hundreds of thousands of dollars they would otherwise have to spend on Tableau’s more expensive sharing systems.

The last part of the resettlement course will be setting you up with a free Tableau Public account and uploading a few dashboards that you can show prospective employers as proof of your analytics skills.

Everything you learn will revolve around the needs of the people who will use your dashboards. Very often these will be viewed across the world in boardrooms, checked by sales people on their tablets just before a meeting or queried by engineers looking for the most commonly occurring fault.

Probably the most valuable learning you will take away from your resettlement course on data analytics is the knowledge that a great dashboard starts with an understanding of the user.

A management dashboard will allow senior managers to browse through product and regions to get a general idea of how the company is doing. A sales management dashboard will go deeper into individual sales performance, number of calls made, conversion ratios and margin. A marketing dashboard will show the campaigns that have been run, allow drill-down into performance overall and of individual campaigns.

You will learn that you don’t have to commit that last list to memory. You get your list of requirements by talking to the end user you are making the dashboards for, in most cases it will be for your immediate manager. But you will soon be called upon from higher up the chain to provide your much needed analytical skills.

To attend this resettlement course you will need basic computer skills and a willingness to learn.

Imagine the mechanic connecting to his garage's database and figuring out: - Which parts they use the most of at which times of year. So they have the best chance of having the right stock at the right time without excessive spend on unneccesary stock holding - Looking through faults data for the car he is about to inspect so he knows exactly what to look for. He can do a through inspection in less time, and still find more than his colleagues - Looking up those defect reports when an owner is bringing his car in, the customer leaves his car, knowing it is a great pair of hands.
Imagine the nurse or doctor - accessing regional data to see which ailments are being reported in their region and which treatments are proving to be the most effective. - Using symptom databases to arrive quickly at the most likely prognosis in out of the ordinary cases. - Plotting historic plasma needs to identify key times of need and plan blood donor drives accordingly.

Data is Everywhere

There is now no walk of life that doesn't gather data. Our man Jaz Ferris says "data analysts are the new rock stars." Jaz IS a data analyst so we don't put too much weight behind his words but; very few organisations have staff who can do any more than the most basic Excel work to produce simple, static charts. By the end of this two day course you will: - Be proficient in using Excel to clean up datasets and produce pivot tables and charts for those occasions when you have nothing else in your tool kit. - Be able to connect to data from Microsoft PowerBI and produce interactive charts and dashboards. - Be capable of producing quality charts and dashboards in Tableau desktop and understand the ways in which those dashboards can be automated so that they are always up to date. This may not sound like rockstar territoty but people have built whole new and exciting careers starting with the production of a few interactive dashboards that prove to be light years ahead of anything most executives have ever seen.


October - The November course is now closed, we have already packed it as full as it can go so no more spaces sorry.

The current course is open below, if January is too soon you can fill out the form and let us know when would suit you better, we tend to run one course a month during busy periods and one every two months during quieter times.

On completion of the course you get:

  • A Certificate in data Analytics - level 1
  • One hour free consultancy for yourself or your new company
  • To quote us as a reference when you going for interviews


January 9/10th Course Booking

The next scheduled course is on the 20th and 30th of November. The 2-day course costs £700. Fees are within your claimable resettlement allowance. Complete the form below to request more information about the course or to book immediately.

Your Trainer

Bob Middleton
Ex-RAF. Airframes Tech'. 5 years at RAF Halton where he learned to teach.

Over 20 years on Civvy Street working for high-technology organisations in Product Management and Product marketing.

All of these roles have involved data analysis using tools from Excel to powerful enterprise resource management systems. Most recently worked for Tableau Software, one of the leading data visualisation tools.

Bob, say a few words:
"I was lucky enough to spend the last half of my service at a settled base where I could put some quality time into preparing for civilian life. The course I have put together now will give service leavers an edge. There is a huge demand for people with even basic data analysis skills and being able to add data proficiency to your CV might make the difference between the closer look pile and the reject pile. I have been a recruiting manager a number of times since leaving the RAF and you can get a hundred CVs in response to a job advert. The first pass through those CVs has to be quick and anything that makes a candidate stand out will get them onto the keep pile.
I am teaching my students how to use three different tools - Excel for basic analysis and preparing data for the more powerful tools - PowerBI because it has some great capabilities and has a free version that will appeal to small and medium sized companies - Tableau Desktop because larger organisations are eagerly seeking people who can turn raw data into actionable insights.
I provide personal support to people who have been on my course, so when they are having to walk the walk in data analytics for the first time in their new job, they don't have to think, who ya gonna call."

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