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BANDUNG [url=]Cheap Anaheim Ducks Jerseys[/url] , Indonesia, April 24 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping and other Asian and African leaders participated here Friday morning in a highly symbolic stroll to commemorate the historic 1955 Bandung Conference.


The ""historic walk"" from Savoy Homann Hotel to Gedung Merdeka, or the Independence Building, was part of the commemorative events upon the 60th anniversary of that landmark bicontinental gathering in this Indonesian city.


By following the footsteps of their predecessors, the leaders meant to demonstrate their determination to remember and carry forward the Bandung Spirit of solidarity [url=]Rickard Rakell Ducks Jersey[/url] , friendship and cooperation.


After the walk, the participants are expected to attend the Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Asian-African Conference 1955, including a minute of silence, an address by Indonesian President Joko Widodo and statements by regional representatives and observers.


They will also take part in a symbolic signing ceremony of the Bandung Message, a set of 41 items adopted Thursday at the conclusion of the two-day Asian-African leaders' meeting in Jakarta.


The summit [url=]Antoine Vermette Ducks Jersey[/url] , themed ""Strengthening South-South Cooperation to Promote World Peace and Prosperity,"" drew together leaders and representatives from some 100 Asian and African nations and international organizations.




RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- Following are the final placings of the men's Greco-Roman 130kg wrestling at the Rio Olympic Games here on Monday:


1. Mijain Lopez Nunez, Cuba


2. Riza Kayaalp, Turkey


3. Sabah Shariati, Azerbaijan


3. Sergey Semenov, Russia


5. Eduard Popp, Germany


5. Heiki Nabi, Estonia


7. Iakobi Kajaia, Georgia


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