Tableau Training

Getting Started With Tableau Training

Most people signing up for this course fall into one of two camps.

  1. They are currently spending many hours every month in Excel, or Google Sheets, trying to produce meaningful executive reports.
  2. They have just started with Tableau, have blazed through those first few hours and hit the wall. The wall is in pretty much the same place for everyone. They do some dragging and dropping, create a bar chart and a line chart and then are not sure where to go next.

Tableau can save the people in the first camp huge amounts of time and energy, quickly connecting to their old spreadsheets and automating the monthly grind. That way they don’t just save time in that first month, they don’t have to do those dashboards again, ever.

The people in the second group come away from the course inspired. They start by replacing all those dead-end KPI dashboards with highly interactive ones that answer far more questions instantly. Then they move on to discover new insights within their data that can change the way you do business.

2 Days – On-site. We come to you.

£650 per delegate to a maximum of six. It’s very hands-on so the courses are small and intense.

You can sign-up for one of our hosted courses, we run these when we have enough registrants in an area to make it viable. These are £800 per delegate.

Prerequisites – None.

Prep – make sure you have Tableau desktop loaded on your laptop. If you are using a trial version make sure it has enough of the two weeks left to cover the course dates and a few days beyond so you can delve deeper into the skills you learn during the course.

If your Tableau trial is expired and you don’t have a licence for full product, sign up for a Tableau Public account and download the tableau Public app. It is tableau desktop with a few limitations.

Course Synopsis.

  • Understand why data visualisation works
  • Overview of data sources and how they can be joined
  • Establishing your analysis goals
  • Overview of Tableau desktop / Tableau Public app
  • Connecting to data
  • Data cleansing in Tableau
  • First steps to data visualisation with Tableau
  • Table-calculations – Filters – Parameters
  • Looking for the unexpected
  • Meeting your analysis goals with the right charts
  • Creating dashboards that are easy to understand
  • Sharing – Tableau reader tricks and tips for secure sharing
  • Where to find inspiration and get help

The course comes with a getting started guide written by Marketbuzz staff that will be an ideal reference while you learn to make data visualisation part of your working life.

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