Business Information Training

Business Information is vital to every part of any organisation.

In most organisations this need is catered for by people sweating away to tease usable information out of Excel or some other spreadsheet. It is time consuming and requires spreadsheets skills that most don't have.

Modern business has a need for agile, fully up to date information. This to-the-minute data can deliver a huge competitive advantage to the organisation. Helping them step ahead of competitors who are tied to slow business information systems.

Learn how to deliver fast analytics and you will be the most sought after person in the organisation. Put data analytics / visualisation on your CV and any company will be more willing to open its door to you even if your other skills aren't a perfect match.

Data is the new currency and people who can move that currency fast are in big demand.

In just two days we can take you to a place where connecting to your data and producing great visualisations is easy. A place where you can talk the data talk and walk the data walk with confidence.

What difference does a knowledge of a modern data analysis package make?

  • It can produce results fifty times faster than the dude sweating over his copy of Excel
  • It can create executive dashboards that update themselves so there is no more monthly repetition of the Excel grind
  • It can share this new information with anyone in the organisation
  • It breaks away from the executive dashboard that only answers known questions and opens up a world of data exploration where new business insights are just a click away from changing the way an organisation operates.

We run our courses based on demand. Please register your interest and we will let you know when the next course is scheduled.

Our standard Business Intelligence course follows this schedule:

  • Introduction to BI best practices. What most companies do and how easy it is to do better that that.
  • Data visualisation - why it works, how it works and best practices for doing it.
  • Executive dashboards - What managers think they want to see and what they really need.
  • Excel - we all want to escape to some Excel alternative that will change our lives, but in most cases there is work to do to data before it can be analysed. Excel can be one of the best places to do that data prep on a budget. it is also where we produce a data outline so we can check the output of our data visualisation, because it is easy to make mistakes that a simple check can identify
  • Data prep - why it has to be done. How data visualisation tools work and why we have to make life easy for them
  • Creating data visualisations with Tableau - saving and sharing

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The visualisation below was produced with Microsoft's PowerBI desktop - the free version.