BI Training

We provide cost-effective training and consultancy across the UK.

Learning new BI skills can help you gain competitive advantage, increase profitability and trim waste. We help you get there faster.

Our consultants have all worked in BI at ‘the sharp end.’ They understand the needs of a busy business to get results quickly. They also know how to deliver actionable intelligence whether through adhoc analysis or custom dashboards.

If you have tried any of the popular data visualisation tools, you probably hit the wall. the better you are the faster you reach it. It arrives when you have done the drag and drop thing and played with a few different charts. You sit back and think “Now what?”

That’s where we come in.¬†We can show you:

  • How to define your analytical goals
  • How to identify and prepare your data quickly
  • How to create and share data visualisations without massive expenditure.

Our speciality is Tableau but the principles are the same for any of the other leading tools.

  • define your goals
  • Find the data
  • Prepare the data
  • Plan the output
  • Just do it