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Been working with a medical recruitment agency who specialise in nurse and HCA placement. A fascinating business driven by tight margins, fast turnaround and government pressures. Despite the adversities our client is doing well and, thanks to data visualisation, has a much better understanding of what makes their business tick. Medical recruitment metrics are simple on the surface.

  • Consultant booking
  • Placement rates
  • Fees
  • Candidate availability and compliance
  • Speed of response
  • Client payments
  • Candidate payments
  • Booking notice

Actually it isn’t that simple once you take a closer look at the metric that actually drive business and margin.

What we did for this client paid for itself in a single day pf activity. Helping them get a much clearer that their top bookings are not necessarily their nest margin generators.

If your current reporting is done by someone taking several days out each month to wrestle with spreadsheets to reproduce standard dashboards that tell you some of what you need to know, then let’s talk. We can show you what is possible with a sample of your own data.

We can also make you a test bed so you can check each of you metrics against the others. You might be surprised at the correlations you find. it can be a game changer.

Initial consultation is free so it will cost you nothing to find out how we can help.

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