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If you are frustrated at the amount of time you have to spend in Excel or Google sheets every month you have come to the right place.

All our consultants and trainers have been there. They understand the rigours of the monthly spreadsheet fest as the boss waits for the charts to arrive before the management meeting start. There is never enough time and the data always changes at the last minute.

We have seen analysis that used to take 4 days a month reduced to a few hours. In some cases the dashboards can be linked to the data source so that the work is done once only. Changes are made when new questions arise.

The beauty is that this frees up your analysis time to dig deeper into the data and discover insights that you never had time for before.

Once you switch to visual analytics as an Excel alternative, you could be saving 20% – 30% of your month.

Visual analytics also provides much deeper insight into your data. Instead of having to prepare individual data tables, creating pivot tables and slaving over individual charts; you get to choose the metrics you want to see and look at them in a range of different ways to see what your data has to tell you.

Before you download a free trial of Tableau, book yourself onto one of our getting started courses. You will get far more out of your two week trial if you can hit the ground running.

After your getting started training you’ll be able to create visualisation like this one easily and you’ll be well on your way to doing so much more.

If this look appealing, then it’s time to get onto the Excel alternative that saves time and money and gives you better insights into your business.



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